Training Classes


Puppy Foundation Course

Teaching your puppy to;

  • be responsive
  • be calm
  • cope with being handled
  • socialising
  • greetings
  • basic commands like sit, down, stand
  • heelwork
  • and much much more

This is a 6 week course for Puppies aged 12 weeks to 10 months, cost is £65 including Woofs! Pups Welcome Pack and Woofs! Foundation Certificate.

Next course dates;

No date set please enquire to be put on the waiting list.

Reactive Dog Course

This course is for dog reactive dogs, that may find walks difficult. They may bark, lunge, growl, spin on the lead or become frightened or frustrated when they see another dog.

These behaviours can make going for a walk difficult, this course is designed to teach you and your dog new skills to make your walks enjoyable again. You will also get chance to meet other owners in a similar situation and share your experiences with an understanding group.

You will learn how to manage these situations, recognise early signs in your dog that they are not coping, techniques to help keep your dog calm and most importantly strengthen your relationship. Over time and with consistent training, it will gradually lower your dog’s reactivity, and they will feel more relaxed and less anxious when out on walks.

The course is limited to 4 dogs, which will allow for individual attention and it is run at an outdoor venue to allow for plenty of space between the dogs to keep them below ‘threshold’.

The course runs for 6 weeks at a cost of £85.

The first week will be handlers only so as we can discuss some of the reasons behind why your dog may be reacting and what techniques we will be looking at during the course.

Next Course Dates;

No date set please enquire to be put on waiting list

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